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Clearer, brighter skin in 8 weeks*

Clean skincare, esthetician-formulated

Strengthen mind + body connection

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Clean Slate Results

With >13 years experience in the skincare industry, Leona has formulated a unique, non-toxic serum for hyperpigmentation that helps brighten dark spots while improving overall skin health. 

Antioxidants, humectants + other nourishing ingredients work synergistically to balance any overproduction of melanin while nurturing sensitive skin types. With >dozen key ingredients to help damaged skin bounce back faster + fade dark spots quicker, our mind-body approach also helps boost your inner confidence.

Clean Slate serum is crafted in small batches at a boutique lab in southern California + is only available on >beauty platforms. Watch as Leona explains the science behind our hero product + join other >beauties in achieving a gorgeous even glow!


radiant skin begins within

Our mission at Greater Than Beauty skincare is to empower people to feel more confident inside + out.

Greater Than Beauty skincare combines clean, active ingredients with positive affirmations because we believe thoughts, words + actions can profoundly impact one's attitude, health + appearance.

By using our high-quality formulations + skintention cards, you can nourish your skin while reinforcing a deeper mind-body connection to enhance overall confidence + wellness.

Mindful Moments

💗Yesss how we feel about ourselves on the inside is what matters most. Thanks Jamie for reminding us to use our (sk)intention cards💡💫

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Updated Routine

HUGS @darealmica for giving us a shout out 🤗🤗 We’re thrilled you’re enjoying the products + (sk)intentions. Thanks so much💖

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Skincare Journey

Gratitude to the brilliant artist 🎨@iam.muse for allowing us to use her skin as our canvas. Adrienne, you are radiant from within🧡✨

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"Humanized" Podcast ep. 48

So much love and gratitude🫶🏽😌 @iambrittanyhall #bluecentric Watch full “Humanized with Blue Telusma” podcast🎙

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C Me Run Test

💛 #grwm @sachakemp going to the gym to give C Me vitamin C moisturizer a “Run Test” watch + see how we did... 🏃🏽‍♀️✅

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Our Story

Back in 2005, we met while working on a television show. One day, Brenda brought a water bottle to set with the word "love" etched on it + explained she was drinking the vibration of "love" with every sip. That specific example of mind-body intention planted a seed in Leona's soul + subsequently led to the creation of >beauty skincare.

Leona has been honing her expertise in the skincare industry since 2010 and was recently named "Best Esthetician Burbank, California" for 2023. Leona's years of research combined with Brenda's cosmetology background + our passion for a holistic healthy lifestyle, we know feeling good leads to looking good.

We are overjoyed to offer clean skincare products + positive affirmations to help empower individuals to feel confident, attractive, greater than...

We look forward to sharing this journey with you,